Operation Flash Point: Chicken Raising Recording Video Information List
Video Information
mission date sort Change note
1 Chokepoint 2013-10-21   Sheepdog was kill the sheep in the jeep.
2 Chokepoint 2013-02-09   I struggled to bazooka and ATF.
3 Chokepoint 2013-02-07   This was a kangaroo hunt.
4 Chokepoint-01 2011-11-14   Battlefield was Spanish.
5 Force Dispersal 2013-02-07   We were hiding from the enemy sniper. Was like a chicken.
6 Force Dispersal 2013-01-22   I am cowardice and the chicken.
7 High Point 2013-02-08   We are lost
8 On Home Soil 2013-02-09   Missiles were destroyed in commando Although we were missile defense.
9 On Home Soil 2013-02-08   Our mission was the destruction of the missile. I think enemy was afraid of the our jeep.
10 White Fang 2013-02-10   We was able to occupy the enemy base in a short period of time. The enemy fled?
11 White Fang 2013-02-08   We have failed to break down.