Operation Flash Point: Chicken Raising Recording Video Information List


Video Information
mission date sort Change note
121 Ocelot 2012-11-24   I ran a lot. I should ride a jeep.
122 Octopus 2012-10-05   APC ride last fellow. Human are you should not be driving. I will not end the game.


124 Orang_Utan 2012-03-27   A lot of Jeep in The Lumber Yard
125 Orca 2012-11-24   I felt I would die because gunship of three aircraft came.
126 Oribi 2013-01-25   4 jeeps coming attack from two directions is dangerous.
127 Osprey 2013-03-20   As for the mission, an enemy emerged suddenly and was severe.


129 Owl 2012-03-23   Took a helicopter evacuation point. The pilot was not there.


131 Pangolin 2012-11-09   It was a battle before dawn. Do not let your guard down until the end!
132 Pangolin 2012-02-04   Light Armor is dangerous. Jeep suddenly appeared at the seaside.
133 Panther 2012-11-29   Medical personnel themselves are shouting "MEDIC". (lol)
134 Peafowl 2014-03-26   There was a spy. He killed a fellow.


136 Pike 2012-10-09   I felt the weightlessness. I thought I was abducted by aliens during combat.
137 Puffin 2012-10-11   We need destroy Sabotage aircrafts in Armudan.
138 Puffin 2012-10-05   We was destroyed the jeep. He had driving overtake us.
139 Python-01 2011-09-08   stale enemy jeep


141 Quokka 2013-07-24   I was fortunate.
142 Rabbit 2013-01-20   After the destruction of the road block, two aircraft gunship attack comes.
143 Raccoon 2013-01-14   Therefore we need to preserve helicopters, trucks and jeeps. Mine is dangerous.
144 Rattlesnake 2012-01-20   Completed in a short time
145 Rattlesnake 2012-01-11   I could not survive.
146 Rattlesnake 2012-01-07   The fear Gunship. Dead gorgeous. All died.
147 Raven 2012-04-08   Suddenly, I encountered the enemy, I thought I would die.
148 Rhinoceros-01 2011-10-01   Destroy two gunship and APC.
149 Rhinoceros-01 2011-09-03   Steal the enemy's APC
150 Ringtail 2013-01-14   We suffered from mortar attacks such as torn eardrum.
151 Salamandre 2012-01-28   Game time is short?
152 Salmon 2012-02-25   I died immediately after being saved to a friend.
153 Sawfish 2014-05-04   Not completed:It is difficult enemy appeared from everywhere.
154 Scorpion 2014-06-07   Sunset at the time of sunset is beautiful.
155 Seahorse 2012-03-15   We thicken the fog, the enemy cannot see well.
156 Serval 2012-05-16   AAA is dangerous.
157 Shark 2012-04-08   Careful of the hidden enemy in Aynskoye.


159 Spoonbill 2012-05-17   I was instantly killed was shot in the invisible enemy.




162 Sturgeon 2014-09-25    
163 Sturgeon 2012-12-14   I gave up on the way.
164 Tamanoir 2014-10-02   The Big Boss
165 Tamanoir 2013-01-15   Where the antenna is located?
166 Tamaraw-01 2011-09-27   Suddenly, our APC disappeared.
167 Tamaraw-01 2011-09-13   not complete
168 Tarantula 2012-06-04   I was dead could not be completed.
169 The100th-01 2011-08-26   Steal a helicopter and a short time, because enemydestroy the helicopter in a land-to-blank shot.
170 The100th-01 2011-08-15   [Hardcore]Long mission.
171 The100th-01 2011-08-07   Stupid AI died in anti-aircraft fire.
172 The150th 2012-12-23   APC did not move at the end. We was almost finished though.
173 Tiger 2012-12-18   We must not destroy the radar. We laid a mine.
174 Turtle 2011-11-20   Jeep and Gunship are Dangerous to us.
175 Uroplatus 2014-02-26   We have a hard time gunship appearing repeatedly.
176 Urubu-01 2011-11-06   After leaving the bunker, gunfight occurred immediately.

Velvet Tooth

178 Viper 2013-06-08   In misty, enemy is hidden.
179 Vulture 2012-03-04   Maybe lost conection not been completed.?Ends at the same place for some reason.
180 Wallaby 2012-12-22   APC was inclined at Quarry is dangerous.
181 Walrus 2012-04-08   Not see very well in the fog.
182 Wasp 2014-06-04   Stressful for the enemy hard to see.
183 Whale 2012-11-27   Took a long time because we acted carefully.
184 Wolf 2012-12-16   Jeep is dangerous. Attack the enemy steal the Jeep.
185 Wolverine-01 2011-08-29   [Hardcore]Note the enemies along the road.
186 Wolverine-01 2011-08-27   Gunship and Jeep is dangerous.
187 Wombat 2012-06-22   I died in the defense of the coastline.
188 Woodpecker 2012-08-12   Jeep I was riding was suddenly explode. I was dead.
189 Woodpecker 2012-08-11   AAARGGHH!Told you:Spead limit was 50km/h!!!
190 Worm 2012-01-27   That many soldiers of enemy are patrolling. 5times die
191 Worm 2012-01-25   That many soldiers of enemy are patrolling.
192 Zebra 2011-10-07   [Hardcore]Enemy helicopter or jeep could be easily destroyed by the allies was defended.
193 Zebra-01 2011-10-07   There is significant enemy activity in the area,so beware of PLA patrols.
194 Zorilla 2012-03-18   Was able to clear the first time.