Operation Flash Point: Chicken Raising Recording Video Information List


Video Information
mission sort Change date note
1 Gibbon 2014-10-07    
2 Tamanoir 2014-10-02   The Big Boss
3 Sturgeon 2014-09-25    
4 Scorpion 2014-06-07   Sunset at the time of sunset is beautiful.
5 Jaguar 2014-06-04   Close combat is interesting.
6 Wasp 2014-06-04   Stressful for the enemy hard to see.
7 Grouse 2014-05-25   Leader killed his mate by throwing a grenade.
8 Sawfish 2014-05-04   Not completed:It is difficult enemy appeared from everywhere.
9 Peafowl 2014-03-26   There was a spy. He killed a fellow.
10 Uroplatus 2014-02-26   We have a hard time gunship appearing repeatedly.
11 Crocodile 2014-01-21   GeNo said that just can say "fuck this map".
12 Crocodile 2014-01-19   It took nearly a year to complete this mission.
13 Falcon 2013-12-15   We fight only pistol at first.3 people died in that someone has shot the drum.
14 Lizard 2013-10-12   I do not know how dead.
15 Falanouc 2013-08-16   Wreckage of the helicopter that was broken was a danger.
16 Quokka 2013-07-24   I was fortunate.
17 Anaconda 2013-07-19   Fog is hard to see the enemy deep battlefield. Night Scope gun is required.
18 Viper 2013-06-08   In misty, enemy is hidden.
19 Leopard 2013-06-06   We were not able to complete the mission of some.
20 Monkey 2013-05-25   Battlefield was enveloped in a thick fog. I was killed. Soldier of one person is returned.
21 Fossa 2013-05-20   Battlefield was enveloped in a thick fog. The two Jeep is dangerous.
22 Haddock 2013-04-04   It is important to note behind this mission is surrounded by the enemy.
23 Osprey 2013-03-20   As for the mission, an enemy emerged suddenly and was severe.
24 Batagur 2013-03-13   APC driver abandoned the operation just before the mission is complete.
25 Lion 2013-03-10   Sniper bullets fall considerably.
26 Dingo 2013-03-03   I am a bad medic does not help the injured man. UL1 He was run over and killed?
27 Loreen 2013-02-07   We need to stay in the field on seaside. Hop out.
28 Freesia 2013-02-06   We had long time because we look for the explosive.
29 Ginger 2013-01-26   There are parts of interest around the broken tank.
30 Oribi 2013-01-25   4 jeeps coming attack from two directions is dangerous.
31 Narwhal 2013-01-24   Teamwork was good. Less bullet. Carefully move. Jeep is a risk.
32 Bear 2013-01-24   We are looking carefully Officer is hidden.
33 Ella 2013-01-23   I have completed one you do not know the reason.
34 Coyote 2013-01-22   It is difficult to capture the place to destroy the radar.
35 Rabbit 2013-01-20   After the destruction of the road block, two aircraft gunship attack comes.
36 Iguana 2013-01-19   Bazooka is a dangerous enemy.
37 Tamanoir 2013-01-15   Where the antenna is located?
38 Raccoon 2013-01-14   Therefore we need to preserve helicopters, trucks and jeeps. Mine is dangerous.
39 Ringtail 2013-01-14   We suffered from mortar attacks such as torn eardrum.
40 Akepa 2013-01-07   AAA will destroy the gunship lot.
41 Lyrebird 2013-01-01   All were able to survive.
42 Lyrebird 2013-01-01   We just sit and wait?Affirmative,occupy defensive posions, hold the area and await futher orde.
43 The150th 2012-12-23   APC did not move at the end. We was almost finished though.
44 Wallaby 2012-12-22   APC was inclined at Quarry is dangerous.
45 Caspia 2012-12-22   Light of the radio station is beautiful
46 Tiger 2012-12-18   We must not destroy the radar. We laid a mine.
47 Manta 2012-12-17   It is difficult to capture Mount Voyslava. Note the AAA.
48 Wolf 2012-12-16   Jeep is dangerous. Attack the enemy steal the Jeep.
49 Sturgeon 2012-12-14   I gave up on the way.
50 Diamond 2012-12-03   The number of bullets that I shot was from 15. I'm a chicken.
51 Jessie 2012-11-30   It is a game for two people.
52 Panther 2012-11-29   Medical personnel themselves are shouting "MEDIC". (lol)
53 Whale 2012-11-27   Took a long time because we acted carefully.
54 Iris 2012-11-24   All were able to survive.
55 Orca 2012-11-24   I felt I would die because gunship of three aircraft came.
56 Ocelot 2012-11-24   I ran a lot. I should ride a jeep.
57 Moose 2012-11-19   We bypass counterclockwise. All were able to survive.
58 Civet 2012-11-16   We fought on the golf course.
59 Pangolin 2012-11-09   It was a battle before dawn. Do not let your guard down until the end!
60 Moose 2012-11-08   Emerged from behind the enemy. We put a mine while on the move.
61 Jellyfish 2012-11-02   We got around the tank with Frank Wright.
62 Puffin 2012-10-11   We need destroy Sabotage aircrafts in Armudan.
63 Pike 2012-10-09   I felt the weightlessness. I thought I was abducted by aliens during combat.
64 Puffin 2012-10-05   We was destroyed the jeep. He had driving overtake us.
65 Octopus 2012-10-05   APC ride last fellow. Human are you should not be driving. I will not end the game.
66 Horse 2012-09-30   Only one person survived. I die in an explosion in the trench mortar.
67 Bear 2012-09-27   Around 44 minutes, I shot from more than 16 enemies to kill one.
68 Beryl 2012-09-08   Kill team all
69 Numbat 2012-08-25   I did not steal the enemy's weapon by a foolish leader.
70 Cerambyx 2012-08-24   We got off the helicopter, thou defend the coast.
71 Cerambyx 2012-08-24   All were able to survive.
72 Woodpecker 2012-08-12   Jeep I was riding was suddenly explode. I was dead.
73 Woodpecker 2012-08-11   AAARGGHH!Told you:Spead limit was 50km/h!!!
74 Kestrel 2012-08-02   I can not see anything because the fog is deep.
75 Kakapo 2012-07-31   Was observed at the ceiling of the helicopter.
76 Iguana 2012-07-30   Ally survived the first fine defense.
77 Heliconia 2012-07-30   We must steal a tanker truck and bring it to extraction Help.
78 Hammerhead 2012-07-22   Ride to the boat alone, want to use the ATF.
79 Enthusiasm 2012-07-20   Mission completed in a short time.
80 Leopard 2012-07-15   Four people was able to survive.
81 Dolphin 2012-07-01   Ally helicopter is a trap?
82 Dolphin 2012-06-26   I'm alone.
83 Wombat 2012-06-22   I died in the defense of the coastline.
84 Lobster 2012-06-22   Note the message:Don't shoot them, they're going to the main house for a secret rendez-vous.
85 Elephant 2012-06-12   Two helicopters appeared. I was surprised. Helicopter is not appear?by the skeleton.
86 Elephant 2012-06-11   Enemy helicopter was transparent. I shot a fellow.
87 Cobra 2012-06-04   There was a soldier floating on the sky.
88 Tarantula 2012-06-04   I was dead could not be completed.
89 Eagle 2012-05-30   I am dead, why immediately after the game start?
90 Christine 2012-05-28   This mission is two people plays.
91 Dromedary 2012-05-27   Tank has a lot of hiding in the enemy base.
92 Baobab 2012-05-26   I was dead could not be completed.
93 Deer 2012-05-22   Two helicopters are coming soon.
94 Antelope 2012-05-19   I was dead could not be completed.
95 Cathy 2012-05-18   Mission of only two people.
96 Chameleon 2012-05-18   Some Officers die. mission failed.
97 Spoonbill 2012-05-17   I was instantly killed was shot in the invisible enemy.
98 Serval 2012-05-16   AAA is dangerous.
99 Buffalo 2012-05-15   Destroy Oils,soon apear enemy
100 Amaryllis 2012-05-09   AAA is hidden in Malkovo.
101 Addax 2012-05-07   There was no unusual fog.
102 Addax 2012-05-03   Gunship appear repeatedly.
103 Buddleia 2012-04-22   Track convoy to attack in the Lumber Yard is dangerous.
104 Gecko 2012-04-18   There are enemies in all directions.
105 Caiman 2012-04-14   We were lucky. Gunship did not come turned into a helicopter transporter.
106 Shark 2012-04-08   Careful of the hidden enemy in Aynskoye.
107 Walrus 2012-04-08   Not see very well in the fog.
108 Raven 2012-04-08   Suddenly, I encountered the enemy, I thought I would die.
109 Jaguar 2012-04-07   Have forgotten the location of the USM, but had experienced a few days ago.
110 Mongoose 2012-04-06   Note the enemy soldiers appear after you destroy the missile launcher.
111 Jasmine 2012-04-01   One fellow was a suicide corps. He assault aboard APC.
112 Condor 2012-03-28   e are destroying the Generator with a weapon should not be.
113 Condor 2012-03-28   Generator can be destroyed by the reader closer to it.
114 Jaguar 2012-03-27   Blessed with fellow.
115 Orang_Utan 2012-03-27   A lot of Jeep in The Lumber Yard
116 Guanaco 2012-03-23   Was long. Has failed many times.
117 Owl 2012-03-23   Took a helicopter evacuation point. The pilot was not there.
118 Guanaco 2012-03-20   Was long. Has failed many times.
119 Zorilla 2012-03-18   Was able to clear the first time.
120 Seahorse 2012-03-15   We thicken the fog, the enemy cannot see well.