Operation Flash Point: Chicken Raising Recording Video Information List
Video Information
mission date sort Change note
1 Coelacanth-01 2011-09-07   I have no bullets because I attacked the Gunship.
2 _Coelacanth-02 2011-09-07   We kill the PLA patrol.
3 _Coelacanth-03 2011-09-07   When we had destroy the top car, the next car stops.
4 _Coelacanth-04 2011-09-07   I'm a photographer of the battlefield.
5 _Coelacanth-05 2011-09-07   We did search for object.
6 _Coelacanth-06 2011-09-07   I'll destroy object by smow.
7 _Coelacanth-07 2011-09-07   Escape
8 _Coelacanth-08 2011-09-07   Escape by APC