Operation Flash Point: Chicken Raising Recording Video Information List
Video Information
mission date sort Change note
1 Meerkat-01 2011-09-24   Many shelling.
2 _Meerkat-02 2011-09-24   I'm sorry. Video conversion failed.(1:10-7:15)
3 _Meerkat-03 2011-09-24   Ally helicopter was weak.
4 _Meerkat-04 2011-09-24   When you hear the siren, the enemy is coming soon.
5 _Meerkat-05 2011-09-24   I was pretending to read the unreadable characters. Lol
6 _Meerkat-06 2011-09-24   I'm alone. Along the way, almost dying.
7 _Meerkat-07 2011-09-24   I'm alone. I was lucky.